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Swiss audio & visual contents production Services

We offer a wide range of video production services that match the needs of your business, documentary production, as well as television and social media content.

Our 20 years of acclaimed experience in audiovisual content production allows us to provide full-services solutions, from initial conceptualization, directing, filming, through post-production and presentation.

Our hands-on approach ensures we are involved at every step of process, enhancing the integrity and quality of your experience.

We believe our passion, skills, creativity and commitment make ZayamProd a solid and confident choice for all your audiovisual needs.

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Marilyne & Jacques


ARATH promotional video | November 2023

CT3S training clip | October 2023

Greendog teaser | August 2023

"No Comment" clip during COVID confinement  | April 2020

Marla Collection commercial video | November 2019

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